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Skypark Circle Intervals - "Summer Suffering at the Circle"

Time to get started.  Maybe you're training up to this point has been adequate, but ...let's just say, "unstructured."  For the next three months, I'll be instituting some structure.  We all need it. 

The specific intervals and drills will focus primarily on developing increased lactate tolerance, strength endurance and increasing your steady state threshold power. 

Additionally, I will divide the session into two parts:  high intensity or short intevals and paceline drills.  The short intervals can be divided into different combinations of work and rest durations based on the course.  For example, there are lines that divide Skypark Circle, which is a one mile loop, into 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 length segments.  This roughly corresponds to time durations of around 35 seconds to 1 minute to 2+ minutes...depending how fast you are.  With these, I tell you what to do and you go.  Staying together as a group is, at least for these, isn't required.  In fact, you need to be doing your own best effort, which means you're on your least for a while. 

However, the second part of these session IS cooperative.  It's a skill building endeavor.  Do you want to master the technique of staying in a paceline?  This is where we stay together and work together as a collective team - regardless of your relative ability.  

Our Sample workout today:

  1. 1. 10 min Paceline W/U @ 22 MPH
  2. 3x 1/2 lap Front Side to Back Side / 1/2 lap recovery
  3. 10 min Paceline @ 23 MPH
  4. 10 min Paceline @ 24 MPH
  5. 3x1/4 lap Seated Max efforts (Front or Wind Side)