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Skypark Circle Intervals - Orbiting the Land of Anaerobia

It's been three weeks of doing these, and I've started out conservatively with relatively fewer reps, and I'm definitely noticing a difference.  I feel stronger, like I can hold higher power, get up Live Oak Canyon Road a little faster and not fade completely going over The Wall.  These help!  One thing I think I've noticed as I've - and I'm loath to say it - gotten a little older, is that I don't quite have that short term power, that punchiness that allows a rider to bridge that gap and recover or get over those rollers with the same emphatic cadence.   These definitely help.  Tempo and Steady State are still part of the menu, which today is:

  • 10 min W/U
  • 8 laps Tempo/L4 Steady State
  • 1 lap L1 Recovery
  • 5x1 lap (2:05) @ L5/L6 / 1/2 lap Recovery
  • 3x1/2 lap (1:03) @ L6 / 1/2 lap Recovery
  • 10 laps (20 min) L4 Paceline Drills