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Skypark Circle Intervals - Facing down Meh

What is "Meh?"  Oh, we've been there.  If there isn't an actual word, "meh," in the English dictionary,  then perhaps, to mirror the overall slangification trend (another made up word),  there ought to be.  Although it would seem to be the antithesis of clear language used to convey meaning, it is actually quite powerful.  You could say it means ambivalence, a lack of enthusiasm; a certain ennui towards things or experiences that would otherwise command a more descriptive string of adjectives.  Although all could be considered synonymous,  they're too narrow and precise.  The importance of "Meh" is in what it doesn't say.  "How do you feel today?"   "Meh."  "Are you riding today?"  "Meh."  

We're getting into that Meh time of year.  Racing season might be over or winding down.  Your enthusiasm for getting fit in the Spring has waned.  It's hot.  Your legs are tired.  You lack clear direction and focus for applying your limited energy.  Now's one of those times where the resolve to face down Meh, to confront Meh is tested.  That doesn't mean you have to keep training at certain level.  You can make a conscious decision to reduce intensity or take a day off. You just have to make sure it is a decisive decision, not one made by Meh.  Training is a long process.  Look towards your larger goals. For example, are you thinking of doing some cross racing?   Well, now's the time to start training.  Are you a little run down?  Plan a midsummer taper before you begin to ramp up the training. Think long term, and decide how what you do today will impact those long term objectives.

  • 10 min W/U
  • 20 min Tempo Steady State
  • 20 min Over/Under Paceline Drills
  • 3x 1/4 lap Seated Max Efforts