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Skypark Circle Intervals - Refresh, Recharge, Regenerate

Life is governed by an extent to a constant realtionship of checks and balances, homeostasis, equilibrium.  As it pertains to this thing we do on two wheels, improving our cycling fitness through endurance training, let's use the Hans Selye General Adaptation Theory:  you are exposed to an external environmental stressor, your body goes through an alarm response; your body eventually adapts to those stressors to make them less stressful.  At some point you experience exhaustion if the continued stressors exceed your ability to adapt.  Yes.  Yes, and recovery are an important part of the this cycle, too.  Going with a planned recovery week helps, such as the three week on, one week off pattern.  Or....if you just feel spent and fatigued, your heart rate is higher, your power is lower, simply take it easier; take an extra day off from the weekend.   High intensity intervals are hard.  They take a lot out of you.  You need to recover with lower intensity training.   

  • 10 min W/U
  • 20 min L2/L3
    • 1 lap L1
  • 20 min L3/Tempo
  • 1x:30 (1/4 lap) Hard Seated