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Skypark Circle Intervals - When less is more

It's pretty typical to have what we can describe as training anxiety.  Sometimes it's psychologically difficult to NOT train.  You put into some consistent efforts and establish the frequency that is the hallmark of training, and there's reluctance to take a break.  We feel like we're cheating ourselves in some way, as if the momentum and improvement we've so diligently scraped together through suffering and persistence will all unravel if we take time off.  Don't worry.  Let me disabuse you of that notion.  Taking and extra day off on Tuesday, especially if you're legs are still a little heavy from the weekend, is not only acceptable....forgivable...understandable, it's essential. 

  • 10 min W/U
  • 20 min L2
  • 20 min Paceline Drills @ L2/Tempo
  • 10 min Cool Down