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Skypark Circle Intervals - Making Friends with VO2 Max

Someone recently asked me about Chris Carmichael's book, the Time Crunched Cyclist, and what I thought of it.  Years ago I worked with a coach who was an advocate of what we now refer to as High Intensity Training.  It's effective.  It's proven.  It has scientific foundation for its efficacy.  It's also very hard, physically and psychologically.  It's unrealistic to make it the foundation of a year round training program.  It should be a component of a solid training plan, not the sole feature, which was the gist of my opinion of Carmichael and the book.  He identified and targeted a very specific marketing message.  But like a lot of trends that make their way into popular culture and are popularized by those who become identified with them, they tend to lose sight of the big picture.  A training plan that works seamlessly with a person's lifestyle, goals and schedule and directs long term improvement should have structure, but also balance and flexibility.  In other words, don't neglect the longer, steady state intervals, both at your threshold power and also sub-threshold/tempo. 

  • 10 min W/U
  • 20 min Tempo/L3
  • 3x3 lap (6:30 min) L5 / 1 lap recovery
  • 3x1/4 lap Seated Max / 3/4 lap L2/Tempo