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Skypark Circle Intervals - Building Tolerance

We should all be a little more tolerant.  But, for the moment, let's separate social issues from training issues.  By tolerance, what I'm referring to is lactate tolerance....although the notion that lactate is the cause of aerobic fatigue is outdated.  It's more complex than that, but we'll save that for later.  You know the feeling though - you're legs start to burn and ache, breathing shoots through the roof, you slow down...and you feel ruined for subsequent efforts.  We have have to go anaerobic in the course of our riding and racing.  It's the ability to tolerate those efforts and come back for more that define fitness as much as that steady state because, after all, no actual ride is truly steady state.  Oh, and short hard efforts have a whole host of additional aerobic benefits.  


  • 10 Min W/U
  • 20 min Tempo
  • 5x1 lap (2:05)  / 1/2 lap recovery
  • 5x1/2 lap / 1/2 lap recovery
  • 20 min Paceline Practice